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Terms and conditions

Visiting and using for information, reserving cars or online shopping involves full knowledge and acceptance of the terms and conditions as listed in the following paragraphs. For best use of the site, it is recommended to carefully read all terms and conditions.

Site = (also referred to as
User / Client = any person (private or legal entity) who accesses the site or places an online order on the site, by accepting the terms and conditions. The person who accesses the site but not finalising the visit with an order, is also considered a user.
Seller = SC TRADING CHANNEL SRL (also referred to as TRADING CHANNEL)
Product = any vehicle ordered online via the site by a user.

Product information
The products presented on the site by the seller consist in cars available for sale, cars which can be purchased in the short term. undertakes to present the specifications of the products with maximum accuracy. The products offered for sale are according to the technical details displayed. Pictures are not considered technical details.


Any user has the right to order products on the site.
In order to place an order on the site, the user undertakes to provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete information, as required in the related forms. If this obligation is not fulfilled, the seller has the right to block access to the site's services without prior notice, for a fixed or indefinite period of time.

Reservation of cars
Reservation of cars refers to the products available on the site. The reservation of cars is not equivalent to the actual sales operation and the confirmation of the reservation does not complete the sales procedure. The closure of the contract itself is done offline, as an ordinary sales procedure.
Reserving a car is not equivalent to placing the product into a virtual shopping cart; priority to buy is given to the first user paying the reservation fee.
The reservation fee is in the amount of minimum 500 euro excluding VAT, payable in lei, at the NBR +1% Eur/Ron exchange rate valid on the date of payment, and can be paid online at the moment of the reservation, in the bank account indicated on the site as in the payment form, or via bank transfer in the bank account indicated on the site, in maximum 24 hours after reservation; in order to facilitate the bank transfer, a proforma invoice will be issued by the seller. The online payment it is a secured process and it is performed by MobilPay online payment gateway. The payment is considered fulfilled on the date of confirmation in the account of the seller. The product is considered reserved on the date of payment of the reservation fee.
The user will pay the reservation fee no later than 24 hours from the time of initiating the reservation; otherwise the order is canceled and must be initiated again, with the risk of losing the product in favor of another user.
The reservation fee will be deducted from the total price of the car, provided the final sales contract is finalized.
The reservation fee will not be refunded to the user as it is intended to cover seller’s expenses for the preparation of the sale of the vehicle.

The sales operation
The actual sales operation is done offline and is concerning the product identifed by Product Code, specifically ordered and reserved by the user, by paying the reservation fee.
The seller will display on the site the list of accepted financing partners, considering the possibility for the user to contract a bank loan. The list is not limited and does not born obligations to the seller or user. Payment of the price can be made in full directly from the client, by bank transfer, or by contracting a bank loan.

Transport & Delivery
Within 24 hours from the date the user places the order, the seller will confirm or deny the purchase and will communicate the user the final delivery term of the car. The standard delivery term is 10 days after the date of signing the contract, but not before full payment of the product, under the conditions assumed by the contract.
The car will be made available for check and pick-up by the client at the address indicated by the seller, on seller's expense, for 48 hours after the date indicated in the Notification for Delivery. Within this period no cost will be charged for this service. Any delay in picking-up the product after the period indicated above will be charged for the amount of 9 Euros per day for any of the previous day's fractions.
The client has the option of requesting the delivery of the product to a different address indicated to the seller, for a general additional charge of 180 euro. For some locations, the charge may vary.

Return policy
Users can return the purchased products within the legal deadline.
If, for whatever reason, the customer is not satisfied with a purchased product, he may return it within 14 days from the time the product was delivered to the customer. Products can be returned by completing a written request to the seller.
The return policy of TRADING CHANNEL is governed by the provisions of OUG no. 34/2014.
The direct costs of returning products are supported by the client.
Any product that is intended to be returned must not be used or damaged. The product must be accompanied by all original labels, documents and packages (if and to the extent that they exist). The product is not received if it shows the result of wear, if it is damaged, if labels not intact or if missing accessories. The value of the returned product will be transfered via bank transfer to the IBAN account, as specified by the client in the return request. The refund period for the return of the returned product will be within 14 days from the date the returned product arrived at the address indicated by seller.

This site is maintained and managed by TRADING CHANNEL. The entire content of this site - images, texts, graphics, symbols, WEB graphics, scripts, programs and other data - is the property of TRADING CHANNEL and is protected by copyright law. The use of any element contained in this site without an agreement with TRADING CHANNEL is punishable under the law.
Any attempt to access, without any right, the personal data of another user, to modify or alter the content of the site, or to affect the performance of the server running on the site, as well as any other action done without right in connection with the site, or the information contained therein will be considered an attempt to defraud the site's systems and will entail the criminal liability of the person(s) guilty of such acts, in accordance with the legal provisions in force.
The content of the site may not be reproduced, transferred, distributed, republished, copied or transmitted in any form without the prior written permission of TRADING CHANNEL. Any litigation between clients and the company will be solved amicably. If the conflict has not been settled amicably, jurisdiction lies with the ordinary courts.

Privacy provisions
TRADING CHANNEL is committed to strictly respecting the confidentiality of its clients data and undertakes not to pass on client's personal data to third parties.
The option of collecting personal data and the ways to use it must be expressed expressly by the client, in accordance with the Privacy Policy listed on the site.

Limitation of responsibility
Unless the law otherwise provides, TRADING CHANNEL assumes no warranty of any kind for the accuracy or the content of pages that, for reasons beyond its control, display incorrect or incomplete information.
According to the legislation in force, TRADING CHANNEL has no responsibility for the losses / damages suffered as a result of:
- delivery delays due to the supplier, courier or other non-imputable reasons TRADING CHANNEL
- damages, losses during transportation from the seller to the client, due to the carrier's fault, when the carriage is provided by the seller
- false information provided by the client. The client has the ability to correct personal data at any time from the account created on the site
- the possibility of contacting viruses by visiting the site or by receiving informative or promotional emails
- the consequences of interruption of access to the website due to the Internet service provider, independent of TRADING CHANNEL
- the content or nature of the third parties sites through which a client reaches this site.
While browsing this site, the IP address, browser type, and associated cookies are stored. These data are stored and processed for the purpose of maintaining the site, for statistical data and for developing the site.

Final provisions
TRADING CHANNEL reserves the right to make any changes to these provisions, as well as any changes to the structure of the site or any other modifications that may affect the site without the need for any prior notice to users in this respect .
Changes are applicable immediately after the time of display.
Users have the obligation to analyze the content of the current terms and conditions prior to any use of the site and have the right to stop accessing and using the site if they disagree with the content of the site or with the changes made on the site.
TRADING CHANNEL reserves the unilateral right to block any user who violates the above terms or conditions or any applicable legal provision.