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Your questions & our answers

1- what is is your first new cars digital dealer in Romania; not sure about other countries, but it’s very likely we do good around the block.
Whether you are a private customer, a company or even a car dealer - we are here to let you order, pay for and receive your new car through a digital process. That if you want it digital. If not, we do have paper sheets and printers too – but seems like a waste these days. brings you a wide selection of real, stock or pre-ordered cars for you just to browse & click for your favorite configuration. You know how fascinating the “cars from Germany” are for us – here they are. We don’t compete with the big names in automotive distribution networks (importers, dealers, traders, etc), but we are not an ad website as well. offers exclusively real cars, pre-ordered in large numbers – cars that will be actually sold to you by our company, Trading Channel SRL (check About us). Our pricing is dynamic and we cannot promise you will find same price level for all new entries in our stock; however we do promise you our prices are the result of a professional purchasing activity of our suppliers – the top traders in the industry. Our cars are sourced from European markets offering the best price at the moment of the ordering the cars for stock; occasionally they may be sourced from Romanian market.
It is good to know that reserving a car does not imply a sales order or a sales operation as such.

2- What is a Digital Contract or an electronic signature?
We do love simple things – probably you too. Once your order placed, and reservation fee paid, we will soon issue a sales contract and send to you in electronic form (via email). The contract contains all details about your car and about the sales process, as well as the instructions for electronic signature. We work with Adobe Sign – a simple, modern, secure and legal way to sign a document. Kind of our style.
You will simply follow the few steps described in the attachment of the email message delivering your contract; each party will receive a PDF copy of the sales contract eventually.
Of course we would be equally happy meet you for a coffee and sign the papers face to face, should you choose to do it this way. We don’t guarantee the suit-and-tie, but we are known being a very pleasant company.

3- How old is your inventory?
The usual inventory of 500-1000 cars is very dynamic, with a daily turn over of up to 50 units. Statistically every car gets sold in approx. 30 days since being put on offer. But the good offers disappear in hours or minutes.

4- What do I actually pay when I reserve a car?
The amount of 500 Euro (595 Euro, including 19% VAT) is a reservation fee for the car you select from existing stock. When signing the sales contract, this tax will become down payment for your car. The amount paid as a tax will be deducted from the total vehicle price.
Specific example: you want to buy one Fiat Tipo of 9600 Euro (VAT excluded) sales price on our site, and you pay the 500 Euro reservation fee. After signing the sales contract and before delivery (check How to buy), you will have to pay a rest of 9100 Euro, while the initial amount of 500 Euro will be considered your down payment. 

5- How do I pay the reservation fee?
The reservation fee can be paid online, from the site or via a bank transfer. The online payment can be done immediately after reservation request. This is a secured operation, performed by MobilPay payment gateway. If you prefer the bank transfer, this will be done be the traditional method, according to a proforma invoice; the bank transfer can be done in maximum 24 hours from reservation request.
In Romania any payment will be done in Lei (Ron). The exchange rate Eur/Ron considered is NBR + 1%.

6- How do I pay the rest of payment?
You will make the rest of payment after signing the sales contract, through a bank transfer. We make sure to send you a Delivery & Payment Notification, prior preparing your car for delivery. The time frame for this operation is 10 working days.

7- Can I pay the car through a leasing or credit contract?
Yes, for sure. Leasing and credit for cars are the preferred methods of car purchasing in Romania. In this respect, next to any car specification on you will find a calculator of leasing installments – feel free to use it.   We can arrange for you a leasing contract in the general conditions presented on the site. In the same time, any other financing partner or method you may prefer is welcome. We are ready to adjust the sales process (payments, contracts, etc) to the financing partner expectations.

8- When do I get my car?
Our cars are stored in 3 compounds in The Netherlands, respectively Germany. Occasionally we bring the cars directly from the supplying car dealer. The standard delivery term is 10 days. According to each situation, the final delivery term of your vehicle will be agreed and communicated to you at the moment of the contract.
The delivery term might be subject to modification due to various factors:
  - contracting and payment process as required by leasing company (most often)
  - your car is not yet produced and we wait the delivery to supplier dealer
  - reasonable payment delays from client
Whatever the case, we make sure we inform you in time! 

9- What if I change my mind about the purchase? Do I get my reservation fee back?
Yes, the money is yours, the car is ours. Prior signing the contract, any reason for you to redraw from the purchase is acceptable for us; we would of course be very interested to know what made you change your mind.
Any written request coming from you in this respect (usually by email) will be treated very seriously! We recommend contacting us at [email protected] . Please make sure you include in your message:
  - contact details (name / company name, address, contact info)
  - amount you asked to be reimbursed for reservation tax
  - Product Code of your reserved car (sample: ST12345)
  - indication of invoice/proforma/receipt of your initial payment
  - reason for your request
  - bank account you want to receive your money
Although we do not want you to change your mind, we are trying to make this process as easy as possible for you.
The reimbursement will be done via bank transfer in maximum 15 days from your request.

10- I have paid the reservation fee. Can I buy the car on different entity (company or person), other than the one paying the reservation?
Yes, you can. All these aspects will be clarified at the moment of signing the contract.

11- How is it possible your prices to be lower than car dealer’s prices?
We buy our cars from top international car dealers, who are contracting thousands of new vehicles every year for their customers: leasing companies, rent-a-car, retailers. Being part of a network with extremely efficient international market coverage, as well as a professional data processing of car offers in every country, allow to bring you the best offers.
In brief, our cars are ordered in large quantities from the market with best price offer at the time of purchasing. What we do for you is to bring on your PC of smartphone these offers in real time.

12- Why would I buy from and not from authorized car dealer?
We do not produce cars; nor the dealers. We all offer you cars produced by renowned manufacturers. However we have more makes and models. And we offer our cars from stock, not in “approx. 3 months”.
It is true we don’t display the large showrooms like the dealer; but we don’t have to carry huge costs for those showrooms. That is why we can afford lower margins and lower prices. In addition, we avoid useless paperwork.

13- Do you have used cars in your offer?
On we offer new cars, in general. Occasionally you will also find cars coming from demo or showroom programs (we called them young used cars). These offers are clearly marked and easy to identify by observing the mileage, or production year. But we are very good at new cars.

14- Are your cars new cars?
The cars we offer on are new cars.
In some cases, our new cars received 1-day registration in the country of origin (usually within EU). If the case, our client will know – there is no impact on purchasing process; you will still be the first to enjoy the new car.
If occasionally we have young used cars in our offer, they will be easy to differentiate by observing the mileage or production year.

15- Is my car covered by warranty?
Yes, it is. The cars ordered on are covered by pan-European or international warranty, as granted by the car manufacturer. The car seller or place of purchasing does not alter the warranty rights. All our cars have PDI performed & warranty conditions validated in authorized service points.
You may encounter small differences against specific warranty conditions proposed by local dealer of importer. However it is fair to know that all car manufacturers are paying efforts to have warranty conditions uniformed, at least in EU.
Any authorized workshop will perform same warranty service operations, regardless the market where the car is coming from.

16- What if I reserve a car but I don’t make the payment for the reservation fee?
We do not push, but the car you select won’t be available for long. Our stock is very dynamic. After reservation initiated on the site, we propose 24 hours time frame to pay the reservation fee; if not accomplished, the car will become available again to other clients.
Once your reservation right was cancelled, you can always start the process again, following the same conditions. We have cars, but also interested clients.

17- What is the difference between number of Models in stock and Cars in stock?
Our offer diversity consists in large numbers of cars in general, as well as the number of car makes & models. Number of Models in stock means how many different car models you find in stock, considering the filters you have applied. Difference might consists in car Features, color combination, technical details, etc. Cars in stock shows you the total number of cars are available on at that moment. Too bad you only want one car.

18- Can I order a configuration that I can't find in your stock? 
Taking orders for new cars to be launched in production is not our game – we don’t do that. But we are very good in pre-ordered cars.  However, if you couldn't find your desired configuration, it is good to know we always have cars ready to enter, but not yet displayed. Just let us know via phone/email/chat/message and we'll be more than glad to look for your car together. And we will find it.

19- Who answers my calls or messages? I want to meet somebody and talk face-to-face. 
Our efforts to make it digital are only for you to enjoy the process of buying new cars even more. But we not servers - we are real guys & girls; and looking forward meeting other people. We also believe we are pleasant company, but you can only judge that for yourself. Just Contact us and let us know.